hey everybody again today we have you’re like can you listen in writing but not a Melissa in writing it’s very important to know about it yes it’s about linking words what does mean linking words actually it comes from the verb link okay to link one thing with another one okay and it’s very important to know them because it’s going to help you on your writing okay you cannot write to write it without knowing those things okay so we’re going to go through all this I know you just like it looks too much but it’s really easy and most of them you already know that okay let’s see the first one addition what does mean addition yeah auditions comes actually from the verb add okay it’s plus when I have two ideas this Plus this okay for example I am 20 years old I am 20 years old – I play tennis and basketball I listen to music and watch TV okay also ah it’s the same thing like end okay I can say I listen to music and also I do for example some sports or I exercise every day also I I don’t know like I go to a club I mean exercise outside and I go to club okay it’s just addition when you want to add two things like you’re doing this and this okay you’re not doing only one thing we use these things okay it’s that easy I know most of you are really familiar with n2 and also okay in addition to this it’s the same meaning okay I mean for example I play sports I listen to music and I go to the mosque and to this I revised my lessons okay in addition to all this I do this okay it’s also audition let’s go to the second one the second one it’s about contrast and concession I know that most of the teachers maybe just split them into two parts some of them take control themselves concession themselves I’m not saying that there is no difference between the two of course there’s a slight difference between the two but as there are back students a not going to be more like I don’t know it won’t pay attention to the difference between these two things but what’s important is this this contrasting concession are two things against each other opposing each other or just different okay for example but for example I eat vegetables but I don’t eat meat for example you’re vegetarian okay I eat vegetables but I don’t eat meat or I drink water solutely for example or Sahara’s ‘m or whatever but i don’t drink coca-cola or I don’t drink coffee okay the same thing with however for example I revised my listen really good however I got a bad mark okay for example you revise really well you expect they’re going to have eighteen but when it came to the fact of your paper you found you just had nine which is a bad mark okay even though is the same thing it’s also talking about contrast and concession and you can use it but what I advise you if you find any of those most of them like it here use only for it’s my maximum you say my maximum it was four expressions but if it’s this hard for you to use one of those here and you find it easier for example here to use n and to and easier for you to use but here just use what you know to use okay I’m not putting these things to like make it harder I’m just like trying to make it easier on you so what is easy for you just right you’re right it really correctly and use the ones that you feel you know them okay or are more easier than others okay let’s go now to purpose okay I will go from here purpose purpose means the goal okay I have a goal for example to get my back I should prepare okay if you don’t prepare your listens you do not to get your back you do not to sleep all day long and when it comes to exams that oh I didn’t succeed so ah the teachers are bad or it was not my mistake no it was a mistake so in order or – so this is the purpose to get that point you should do something okay so to get my back I should revise or in order to ah for example be a good student I should revise okay in order to get a good mark get a good mark I mean I should do a good job okay is this thing like so as to so as to for example I don’t know like I work hard so as to get my back I prepare my listen so as to get a good mark okay you can use whatever example okay illustrates illustrate means when you give examples and this is very important one why I’m going to tell you why when you write in your writing it’s very important there you’re going to mention more examples because if you just like come and say whatever without examples it’s good we need to vlog just the ideas but I’d like and prefer if you just like with more examples when you just like say sentence for example you can say I practice sports for example basketball hunt wall is really good to giving samples okay when you write your essay just read examples don’t be afraid of it all right ah for instance is the same thing like for example if you’re just like I gave the example twice and you want to make a petition you can the first time say for example and for the second time you said for instance okay that’s good now let’s move to a reason okay you give a reason why you did something okay we have because and I know that you start studying because from the first time you study English so maybe now it’s for three years but I’m going to tell you because when you give the cause okay for example I I listen to English songs because I want to develop my English I don’t know I I eat vegetables because I want to be in a good shape okay so you give the reason I think of the cause why you’re doing so okay since okay give a reason on it here we’re going to say like since it’s let’s say the same example we’re just like giving here you’re just like doing eating vegetables because you want to be in a good shape okay since I eat vegetables or I just like I work hard I work hard since I am in back because I am in back okay I I play sports because it’s important for health okay it’s the same thing with for okay you just like give a reason and you give it like because it’s the same use okay compare compare it comes from comparison okay we compare two things we can use both neither neither nor okay when you compare two things for example both for example I don’t know two teams of football plays together okay he said and their play like the way how they played it was not good so he said both teams were bad okay or both teams were like good okay neither when you said neither nor which means not this and not this okay for example let’s talk about Russia and with that sorry for the funds if the of the team which is like an example neither Russia nor walk played good yesterday for example okay it just an example which means not this and not this none of them played well yesterday ok so you can use neither nor this is in comparison actually if you have a say and you might have comparison but if you feel like you do want to do it and you know just like right this by itself and despite itself do it okay just write what you understand and write what is easier for you because as much as you make it easier you’re just like doing a better job okay let’s carry on now we will show a result okay show a result for example consequently okay for example I’ve already gave such examples okay I drove fast consequently I had an accident I don’t know I didn’t revise consequently I didn’t get my back so this is how I did something and as a consequence this is what happened okay I didn’t revise Quinn sequentially I didn’t succeed okay you didn’t revise so do not expect you’re going to succeed okay because of this okay for example because of this ah this want to say like this because of for example hard work because of the hard work I couldn’t wake up because of my sword’ muscles I couldn’t run again okay because of my I don’t know because of Mike Ellis I did a bad thing okay we all do bad things but just explain the results okay it’s the same thing with so and the same thing with therefore okay for example I listen to English songs so ah I speak good English I don’t know therefore it’s the same thing I I listen to music therefore I don’t know I’m speaking English good especially for listening to English songs that we’re going to help you in your listening you’re in speaking on how you catch words and also on vocabulary so advise you to do some such things okay the last thing is summarizing what we say summarizing means uh you make a summary of the whole things okay that going to be really good for you in the essays when you’re just like or also progress when you want to just like sum up your essay you said all the ideas and you just like done and you’re going to say this for example you’ve been talking about the advantages and disadvantages of internet then you come at the end so say finally Internet is something good if we don’t want not waste a lot of time in front of it or in conclusion I think here you can also add your opinion okay in conclusion which means concluding all those things this is going to happen to sum up I see I think that Internet is something good if we’re just like not wasting a lot of time it might be too it might be both informative and like a good tools or for entertainment great now this is what it is about the linking words some of you would say this the first time I hear such like it runs I’ve never known that what I advise you to do is this I want you at least to take one or two linking words from each section we have here okay like the first one take end and also the second one take batted however the third one take two or in order to here just so you can take only one for example here take because and I know that you all know what it means because compare you can say both night and or as a result you can use consequently so and this are very they are very known okay therefore as well because of this I’ll just I’m making it easier summarizing you can say finally to sum up in conclusion only one and you can use it in all your writing okay I hope you get the listen I hope that you know what means linking words now I hope that you’re going to do what I ask you to do just take one in each section and that would help you of course to link your paragraphs and they’re very good to connect all the paragraphs that you have do not miss it up and I hope you’re going to do a good job see you if you have anything visit our website we WWE don’t have a see you bye